GEOMETRIA’s architectural intentions take full benefits of the new digital design methodologies, providing unique and sophisticated design solutions.


We can design professionally on many scales, with confidence, and utilizing our knowledge in architecture, engineering, interior design as well as the possibilities of digital fabrication.


The rationalization of complex geometries on facades, architectural surfaces and on structures is critical for efficiency. Optimizing complex geometries and taking account the fabrication possibilities and limitations saves costs and enables construction.


GEOMETRIA implements advanced 3D modeling and form finding techniques in order to fulfill the design intent and to enable the constructability.


The use of algorithmic logic and parametric modeling opens up new possibilities for geometrically complex architectural design. The exploration of different design iterations are faster and the design geometry can stay flexible further into the design process.


GEOMETRIA utilizes advanced parametric modeling tools built for the needs of the building industry. We help you to realize your design intent, build detailed 3D-models, create reliable data and facilitate fabrication.


By implementing precision parametric CAD modeling, we enable the realization of non-standard building elements. The detailed CAM fabrication data is constructed specifically for your manufacturing purposes.


GEOMETRIA has a wide network of fabrication experts, which can help you to meet your production requirements. We have extensive knowledge in different types of production technologies and their fabrication data needs.